Judith Griffin

Judith Griffin
Position: Occupational Therapist

Judith came to Cerebral Palsy Alliance with more than 20 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist in Children’s Community Health Services in the UK. As well as supporting children with physical disability, she also ran groups for children with developmental coordination disorder and autism, using task-specific approaches.

CPA impressed Judith with its family-centred approach, where therapists work in partnership with parents to support the child. She was also reassured by the professional structure of support within CPA, which ensures competency of practice because the focus is on providing evidence-informed intervention. 

This professional governance sits well with Judith’s drive to continue to grow and improve her skills base, and work as part of an integrated team to support clients’ needs. She specialises in assessment and intervention for children with cerebral palsy, motor co-ordination and developmental delays. 

This involves supporting the child and family to set meaningful goals in all areas of life and work towards them. Because everyone’s goals are different, every day is different for Judith. She could be helping someone learn to ride a bike one day and enabling someone else to prepare themselves a snack independently the next. 

For Judith, nothing is better than sharing a child or young person’s delight when they achieve a goal or experience success in an activity they had found challenging.