Social Media Workshop

Social Media Workshop

Thu 23 Jul 2020

23/7/20 to 25/9/204pm - 6pmEvery Week on Thursday

Learn practical skills of developing YouTube & Tik Tok videos and about other social media channels

What does this program involve?

  • An interactive 10-week workshop designed to learn practical skills of developing a YouTube/ Tik Tok videos and channel
  • Learn about other social media channels
  • Activities including:
    • Favourite videos – get to know each other – group agreements
    • Learn how to make create a social media account (YouTube, Tik Tok)
    • Planning on how to make video
    • Talking about filming equipment
    • Filming the video and different techniques
    • How to upload videos
    • How to make career out of YouTube or other social media channels
    • Personal safety and control of information


What ouctomes can you expect?

  • Social Engagement with likeminded people
  • Knowledge building around information technology
  • Co-operate and collaborate with others
  • Confidence building through speaking on camera
  • Look into the fundamentals of social media and what that means to people
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Independence
  • Decision making and risk taking


Who is this program for?

  • Designed for young people aged 13-30 years with disability
  • For people having a desire to be uploading content to YouTube and other social media channels



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