Active Strength & Mobility Group – Adults

Active Strength & Mobility Group - Adults

Wed 5 Oct 2022

Canberra Centre
31/1/22 to 27/6/221pm - 2pmEvery Week on Monday
02/2/22 to 29/6/2211am - 12pmEvery - Tuesday Wednesday
02/2/22 to 29/6/2210am - 11amEvery - Wednesday Friday
04/2/22 to 01/7/222.30pm - 3.30pmEvery Week on Friday
Allambie Heights Campus
06/7/21 to 28/6/223pm - 4pmEvery - Tuesday Wednesday
19/7/21 to 04/7/222pm - 3pmEvery Week on Monday
19/7/21 to 01/7/224pm - 5pmEvery - Monday Thursday
21/7/21 to 01/7/2210am - 11amEvery - Wednesday Saturday
22/7/21 to 01/7/229am - 10amEvery - Thursday Saturday
23/7/21 to 01/7/2211am - 12pmEvery - Friday Saturday
Penshurst Centre
31/1/22 to 27/6/2211.15am - 12.15pmEvery Week on Monday
31/1/22 to 27/6/2212.30pm - 1.30pmEvery Week on Monday
02/2/22 to 29/6/2210.15am - 11.15amEvery Week on Wednesday
02/2/22 to 29/6/2211.30am - 12.30pmEvery Week on Wednesday
Prairiewood Marconi Centre
03/2/22 to 07/7/2211am - 12pmEvery - Monday Thursday
03/2/22 to 07/7/229am - 10amEvery - Thursday Friday
Ryde Centre
31/1/22 to 27/6/2211am - 12pmEvery Week on Monday
31/1/22 to 01/7/2210am - 11amEvery - Monday Wednesday Friday
01/2/22 to 28/6/2212.30pm - 1.30amEvery Week on Tuesday
02/2/22 to 29/6/222pm - 3pmEvery Week on Wednesday
Erina Centre
31/1/22 to 19/12/223.30pm - 4.30pmEvery Week on Monday
01/2/22 to 20/12/2211am - 12pmEvery Week on Tuesday
02/2/22 to 21/12/2210am - 11amEvery Week on Wednesday
03/2/22 to 07/7/2210am - 11amEvery Week on Thursday

Get more confidence performing your everyday tasks!

Active Adults is a group exercise physiology group delivered by CPA’s ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP).

Our inclusive group programs promote improved health and wellbeing through the use of exercise and physical activity.

You will have the opportunity to develop strength and fitness in a safe, fun and friendly environment. 


Each participant will have access to an individualised exercise program tailored to specific goals and needs. The potential benefits of regular structured exercise include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Increase community and social participation
  • Increased confidence and quality of life


What's included?

  • Assessment & introduction session with CPA ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
  • Tailored individualised exercise program designed to meet functional and health related goals
  • Development of a home exercise program to ensure that health patterns are continued outside of the clinic environment and incorporated into weekly routines
  • Weekly structured exercise session facilitated by CPA AEP
  • Quarterly review assessments and progress reports to highlight outcomes achieved and future recommendations


Who is this program for?

  • Adults aged 25 years and over 
  • All conditions and abilities; clients will be groups based on similar goals and ability levels.


Register your place today

Limited spaces available, call 1300 888 378, email or complete the registration form at the top of this page.

Groups are term-based and will not run on public holidays. Dates and times are subject to change. 

Our expert health and wellbeing team can also provide one-to-one support. Please get in touch to discuss your availabilities, needs and goals.

This program can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

I’m interested

  • We will respond as soon as possible, between Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm.


187 Allambie Road
Allambie Heights New South Wales 2100
5 Ross Smith Crescent
Scullin Australian Capital Territory 2614
3/20 Karalta Road
Erina New South Wales
224-244 Restwell Road
Prairiewood New South Wales 2176
3A Smalls Road
Ryde New South Wales 2112
568 Forest Road
Penshurst New South Wales

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