Treasure Island CIMT

A goal directed training program that uses play to retrain the brain.

Treasure Island CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy) is an intensive 9-day program for children aged 4-9 years with hemiplegia (or monoplegia), that involves the rehabilitation of the weaker arm while restricting the stronger arm in a hand mitt or arm sling.

CIMT leverages the latest research around neuroplasticity of the brain, which has shown that improvements are lasting, with follow-up studies being done 6 months to 2 years after a program has completed.

The program is delivered in fun, play-based, pirate-themed activities and games that are designed to engage and strengthen your child’s affected arm, and is run by experienced occupational therapists who provide quality therapy techniques in a fun environment that will also help your child build self-esteem, self-confidence and develop friendship

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What does it involve?

CIMT includes a total of 56 hours of service:

  • 45 hours of one-on-one* therapy in a group setting runs over nine days
  • 11 hours of one-on-one pre-assessment, goal setting and post-assessment meetings, parent coaching, and an NDIS service summary report for your NDIS planning meeting
  • Play and fine motor skill-based unilateral activities encouraging the use of the affected upper limb
  • Goal-directed bimanual activities of daily living
  • A custom-designed home program to further develop their skills at home
  • Coaching for you to maximise the benefits of the home program
  • Reassessment at the end to see how much your child has progressed

*Group ratio is two children to one therapist however, each child will be supported one-on-one throughout the entire program alternating between an occupational therapist, allied health assistant, and a 3rd or 4th year allied health student.

What are the outcomes?
Who is the program for?
  • Children aged 4-9 years
  • Children with hemiplegia or monoplegia (the program only focuses on the affected upper limb)
  • Children who are able to understand and follow simple instructions and are comfortable in a group environment

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This service is available at

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Marconi centre

Prairiewood Marconi centre

224-244 Restwell Rd, Prairiewood NSW 2176
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This service can be funded by your NDIS package

  • Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living (Category 15)

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