For many young adults with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities, the ages of 17-28 are a time of excitement, as they are eager to take part in the community, develop new life skills, and find vocational or employment opportunities that allow them to give back to their community and feel valued.

What is Masterclass?

CPA’s Masterclass Programs are an exciting suite of programs designed specifically for young adults. Using an integrated life skills framework that is agile & flexible, we work with you to develop a personalised lifestyle program based on your interests, goals and passions.

It all starts with the building blocks

One person’s goals and aspirations can be quite different from another. That’s why at CPA you become an active contributor and co-designer of the Lifestyle programs that fit you/ your young person’s needs.

How does it work? The building blocks to your individual program are based on four key pillars. Under each pillar is a series of modules that you can choose from, depending on your goals. Briefly, these pillars are:

Developing skills in areas such as time management, travelling independently, money handling, taking instructions and understanding expectations, managing priorities.

Developing the right skills and abilities you need to succeed in the workplace, including building confidence, and improving communication and problem-solving skills.

Helping you achieve your goals and live as independently as possible through learning skills that build independence, self esteem and confidence. Develop skills to take care of yourself – whatever that may look like.

Creating a supportive and inclusive environment that allows you to build strong social connections and friendships.

This service can be funded by your NDIS package

  • Core - Assistance with Daily Living (Category 1)
  • Core - Assistance with Social and Community Participation (Category 4)
  • Capacity Building - Increased Social and Community Participation (Category 9)
  • Capacity Building - Finding and Keeping a Job (Category 10)
  • Capacity Building - Improved Relationships (Category 11)
  • Capacity Building - Improved Learning (Category 13)
Whether you choose a few modules, or work on a series of modules over time, it’s your choice. For further information about the modules please discuss with our CPA lifestyle team.

Enquire today!

Please call or email us to enquire about our Masterclass programs today!

This service is available at

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Allambie Heights lifestyles centre

Allambie Heights Lifestyles centres

187 Allambie Rd, Allambie Heights NSW 2100
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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Marconi centre

Prairiewood Marconi Lifestyles centre

224-244 Restwell Rd, Prairiewood NSW 2176
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Cerebral Palsy Alliance St Ives Lifestyles centre

St Ives Lifestyles centre

6 Stanley St, Saint Ives NSW 2075
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Frequently asked questions

Infants 12 months or younger are eligible if they have the following:

  • Clinical history indicating risk for cerebral palsy

Risk factors include (but not limited to) prematurity, birth defects, genetic conditions, intrauterine growth restriction, hypoxia-ischaemia, seizures, neonatal stroke, infection

  • Abnormal neuroimaging-MRI or Cranial Ultrasound (CUS) indicative of possible motor impairment
  • Motor dysfunction


This might include abnormal General Movements, very low scores on standardised assessment (e.g. below 10th percentile on AIMS), poor head control after 3 months, hand asymmetry after 4 months, not able to take weight through feet after 5 months, not sitting at 9 months.

Priority will be given to infants who have not previously seen a neurologist.