Intensive Therapy Programs

Why intensive therapy?

Based on the principles of neuroplasticity and latest international research our intensive programs enable children to accelerate learning and skill development across a range of life areas. Our intensive group programs include HABIT-ILE, Mighty Kids, Treasure Island CIMT, for pre-school and school aged children who experience challenges with fine and gross motor function. Using playful and engaging methods that will motivate your child these programs deliver results fast.

We offer individualised and group based intensive therapy programs that typically include 30 – 70 hours of one-on-one therapy in a fun group environment.

Our team of experts remain at the cutting edge of research bringing the latest clinical interventions to ensure your child meets their full potential.

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World class intensive programs for children aged 4-13 years

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HABIT-ILE (6-13 yrs)

With global recognition, HABIT-ILE is a breakthrough therapy for children who experience challenges with hand and gross motor function. In 66 hours of 1-on-1 therapy, over 9 fun-filled days, your child will build on their existing skills to perform everyday tasks and activities using both hands together whilst developing overall body awareness and control at the same time.
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Treasure Island CIMT (4-9 yrs)

Treasure Island CIMT is an intensive 9 day program (45 hours one-on-one therapy) for children with hemiplegia or monoplegia. CIMT, or Constraint Induced Movement Therapy leverages the latest research around neuroplasticity of the brain and is delivered in fun, play-based, pirate themed activities and games that are designed to engage and strengthen your child’s affected arm.
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MIGHTY Kids (6-12 yrs)

MIGHTY Kids based on the same motor learning principles as HABIT-ILE. The program enables children to build on their existing hand and gross motor skills in a short block during the school holidays or during the term in an extended 6 week period. With 1-on-1 therapy delivered using playful and engaging methods that will motivate your child in a fun and social environment.
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