Hydrotherapy pool

Participate in aquatic therapy at our fully accessible hydrotherapy facilities in Allambie Heights.

The Captain Ron Patrick Memorial pool offers a safe space for people with cerebral palsy and similar conditions to access hydrotherapy to complete their therapy programs and participate in regular physical activity. The pool has large, open change rooms for wheelchair users with direct bed to pool hoist access to the pool, or ramp access for individuals to access the pool via a pool chair depending on your individual needs.

Our enthusiastic exercise physiologists and physiotherapists specialise in prescribing exercise and aquatic therapy interventions for individuals with chronic diseases and disabilities. They know how to create tailored exercise programs with a focus on strength, flexibility and endurance so you can build and maintain the physical fitness you need to enjoy life to the max.

The many benefits of hydrotherapy include:

Note: Before starting hydrotherapy, it’s crucial to consult with your therapy team to assess and develop a program that aligns with your specific needs and medical condition. This may be an individualised or group therapy program. 

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Allambie Heights hydrotherapy pool

Allambie Heights Hydrotherapy Pool

5 Aquatic Dr, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
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CPAFit Pass

Want to get fit and healthy on your own terms?

The CPA FitPass gives you 12 months access to our accessible pool and changerooms facilities, so you can complete your therapy program at a time that suits you.


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