CPA Early Response Therapy Program

Bridging the gap for babies at risk of cerebral palsy

CPA fully funded early supports program

Babies at risk of cerebral palsy (CP) deserve timely access to the best evidence-based care and support available. Without a confirmed diagnosis, it may take up to 6 months for a baby to get the funding they need to access crucial early intervention.

CPA Early Response Therapy Program bridges the gap by providing much needed early intervention, as well as assessments and recommendations, assisting families to access a suitable NDIS plan for ongoing support.

80 babies

and their families were supported by CPA's early diagnosis clinic


141 babies

and infants accessed crucial early response therapy programs in ACT & NSW

What does the program provide?

Each baby and their family will:

  • Receive supports and specialised therapies from a highly skilled early intervention team made up of occupational therapists, speech pathologists and physiotherapists.
  • Work with their early intervention team to identify and work towards individualised goals.
  • Obtain specific assessments and recommendations that can be used to inform NDIS planning and appropriate levels of funding.

Who is eligible?

Infants aged 0 to 2 years are eligible for referral if they have one or more of the following:

  • Clinical history indicating risk for cerebral palsy
  • Abnormal neuroimaging- MRI or Cranial Ultrasound (CUS) indicative of possible motor impairment
  • Motor dysfunction.

How is the program funded?

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Early Response Therapy Program is generously supported by:

The Profield Foundation, Goodman, Greater Charitable Foundation, Adolf Basser Trust, Danks Trust, Baxter Charitable Foundation, Randwick City Council, ATS Charitable Foundation, James Frizelle Charitable Foundation, Simpson Foundation, Valhalla Foundation, John James Foundation and a number of private donors.

How to access the program

To refer a baby at risk of CP, or if you are the parent or guardian of a child at risk of CP please call our team on 1300 888 378 or email

Early Diagnosis Clinic – Cerebral Palsy

The Early Diagnosis Clinic is a bulk-billed diagnostic clinic for babies at high risk of cerebral palsy. The clinic aims to fast track diagnosis and enable quicker access to early interventions, family support and better outcomes for the future.

litle boy on a green background sitting on the floor.