CP Check-Up™ (Regular check ups)

CP Check-Up™ (Regular check ups)

Exclusive to Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Regular check-ups for children with cerebral palsy that are proactive, supportive, responsive and free.

CP Check-Up™ is a 2 hour screening and surveillance service designed to help prevent the many common conditions associated with cerebral palsy; such as musculoskeletal complications, pain, sleep and behaviour difficulties.

What makes it effective?

CP Check-Up™ is comprehensive, holistic and based on the latest global research evidence (with impressive successes in other countries).

Combined with CPA's renowned specialist team, this free service is the leading check-up solution for children with cerebral palsy and their families. 

We just feel more assured about our son's future now. CP Check-Up has given us clear guidance and real help.

2 hours 4 steps

CP Check-Up™ is offered:

  • every 6 months to children under the age of 6 years
  • every 12 months for older children. 

Each 2 hour sessions involves 4 steps: Assess; Monitor; Identify and report; Plan and provide.

This integrated service is designed to reassure, respond and then refer your child to the relevant CPA specialist team, or other health professionals for immediate attention.

We’re on this journey with you

You deserve to feel completely reassured about your child. So to find out more about our all-inclusive check-up, or to chat with one of our team, please speak to our team today on 1300 888 378 or complete this form.

Suitable age groups:

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