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Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been supporting people with a range of complex disabilities in accommodation for more than 60 years.

We currently provide accommodation services through 70 sites across the Sydney metropolitan and Newcastle areas supporting around 350 clients. This accommodation has been specially built or modified to take into account the individual needs of our clients. Clients receive as much support as they need to live their lives, their way.

We are passionate about making your house a home, so that it feels like a family of friends and companions. Our long serving dedicated staff are part of the family and reflect the family values represented by the hundreds of families who came together to build the first home some 60 years ago when CPA was known as The Spastic Centre.

Our clients play an active role in the day-to-day running of the service. They may help put together mealtime menus or choose videos for a movie night or create a garden in their home. Our staff also support clients to access the wider community by supporting them in activities ranging from going to church or the movies to planning a holiday.

Clients are also encouraged to pursue hobbies and learn new skills so they feel an active member of their own local community.

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