Active Girls Gang

Improve your strength and fitness with our all female EP group program.

Active Girls Gang is a fun and interactive weekly exercise program delivered by CPA’s ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP). The weekly 60-minute sessions promote healthy development through the use of exercise and physical activity.

This program provides opportunities for women to further develop strength, endurance and gross motor skills in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

The group sessions are kept small, encouraging women to build strong friendships as a result of participation. 

Note: This weekly program runs in line with NSW school term dates ONLY.

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What does it involve?
  • Group exercise sessions (typically 1 EP: 3-4 participants) 
  • Fun and interactive group activities 
  • A tailored individualised exercise program designed to meet functional and health-related goals 
  • Development of a home exercise program to ensure that health patterns are continued outside of the clinic environment and incorporated into weekly routines
What are the outcomes?

Each participant will have access to an individualised exercise program tailored to specific goals and needs. The potential benefits of regular structured exercise include: 

Who is the program for?
  • Women aged 21 years and over
  • Participants looking to increase their health and fitness in a group environment  
  • Participants who are able to independently follow instructions and exercises (or with the support of a carer)

Register your interest today!

Contact us directly or complete the form below to enquire.

This service is available at

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Erina centre

Erina centre

3/20 Karalta Rd, Erina NSW 2250
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This service can be funded by your NDIS package

  • Capacity Building - Improved Health and Wellbeing (Category 12)
  • Capacity Building- Improved Daily Living (Category 15)

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