Unearthing trends, prevalence and causes of cerebral palsy
Epidemiology literally translates to “the study of people”.

It is the branch of medicine and research that studies and analyses the incidence, distribution and causes of a condition in a population. In analysing large sets of data on the prevalence and severity of cerebral palsy, our Epidemiology team report changes in prevalence across Australia to unearth vital insights about how to prevent cerebral palsy. 

CPA oversees the largest, most extensive whole-country registry of cerebral palsy data in the world through the Australian CP Registry. Our Epidemiology team are committed to supporting other countries to unlock the power of big data and actively supports registers in a dozen countries.  

Our epidemiology program also conducts ground-breaking work on the causes of cerebral palsy, including understanding the role of genetics, congenital anomalies and prevention of viral infections such as CMV.

One in 700 children in Australia are born with CP, a sustained decrease of around 40% from a generation ago, when one in 400 children were born with CP

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The Epidemiology team

Dr Sarah McIntyre

Dr Sarah McIntyre

Senior Research Fellow and Program Lead, Epidemiology
Emma Waight

Emma Waight

Senior Research Assistant
Georgie Henry

Georgina Henry

Research Assistant
Hayley Smithers-Sheedy

Dr Hayley Smithers-Sheedy

Senior Research Fellow
Kath Swinburn

Kath Swinburn

Research Officer and Governance Manager
Natasha Garrity smiling to camera

Natasha Garrity

Research Assistant
Shona Goldsmith

Dr Shona Goldsmith

Research Fellow
Headshot of Sophie Marmont

Sophie Marmont

CP Quest Coordinator
Tasneem Karim

Dr Tasneem Karim

Research Fellow
Yana Wilson

Yana Wilson

Research Officer

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