White woman sitting ina wheelchair wearing a purple shirt, against an orange background with illustrations.

Rachel is on a mission to create inclusive design   

This is Rachel. She finds inspiration from creating beautiful designs. She loves trying new things, celebrating small wins and strives to be the best version of herself. Her big ambition is to work in interior decoration and to create inclusive spaces.

She’s been supported by a whole crew at CPA for 18 years, since she was little. Exercise Physiologist Sarah helps her to gain strength in the gym, Physiotherapist Jae helped her learn to swim, and Occupational Therapist Lauren found the right wheelchair so she could sit comfortably, improve her mobility and sleep.  

Participating in sport, group programs and masterclasses have really helped Rachel to make friends and transition from school to adulthood. She can now catch public transport, which has been a big leap for her independence. But Rachel understands celebrating the little wins is important. 

For a long time, Rachel struggled to communicate, but with the guidance of Speech Pathologist Anna and Youth Coach Jo, plus a great deal of steely determination and creative thinking, Rachel has learned to communicate in a unique way; through eye gaze technology. This new communication method has been transformative, providing a huge boost in her confidence, independence, relationships, and, hope that her dream of becoming a designer is possible.  

Rachel can now communicate her thoughts, ideas and opinions, she can choose her own outfits and hone her design skills. The world of home interiors awaits.  

This is the magic that can happen when

Great minds think differently!