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Providing a seat at the table and a voice for people with cerebral palsy

This is Rob. His seventeen-year-old son Alexander has cerebral palsy so he understands the structures and barriers that need to be dismantled in order to empower his son and other children to fulfil their potential. Whether Alexander decides to pursue his passion for music and drama or something entirely different, Rob is working alongside CPA to support him to lead the life he chooses.

Rob’s family has been closely linked to CPA for many years, and as a member of our Board of Councillors he ensures that parents of children with cerebral palsy always have a seat at the table. He knows first-hand the importance of individualised, high quality services and support in improving outcomes for people with cerebral palsy and their families.    

“To know that there’s an organisation behind you that’s committed to do anything it possibly can to support your child and your family’s journey through life, to work on treatment and care support, the future. I don’t know where we’d be without the CPA.” 

In order to increase awareness and visibility of cerebral palsy, Rob has worked with CPA to fundraise for essential research and services and lobby the government to implement meaningful and long overdue changes. Armed with both his experience as a parent and as a businessman, his contributions to our work are invaluable. What they’ve been able to achieve is nothing short of amazing but they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.  

“Every child born deserves the opportunity to live their best life and organisations like Cerebral Palsy Alliance give them that chance.” 

Rob is helping to build a better, more inclusive world for Alexander and children with cerebral palsy.  

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