White elderly man holding painting sitting in a wheelchair laughing

I have CP and I’m a volunteer

Join us as we delve into the little understood world of cerebral palsy (CP) through a series of enlightening videos titled “What is CP?” hosted by researchers Georgina Henry and Tash Garrity, and others with lived experience including volunteer and artist, Graham Norris.

Graham thrives when he’s working and helping people. He volunteers at preschools, primary schools and high schools where he advocates for people with a disability. Normalising disability is really important to him.

“If young children see people who use wheelchairs more often it becomes more common in their world.”

He also volunteers at Vinnies and the MCA and just loves to be kind, help people and get the most out of life.

Graham lives in a CPA Supported Independent Living home with his partner Wendy, as well as housemates who have become firm friends. Wendy is so proud of Graham and they love to do everything together.

Graham attends CPA Lifestyles 4 days a week which he loves as he likes to learn new skills and have new experiences. But most of all what he looks forward to are the simple rituals of making his morning coffee every day and chatting to disability support worker, Sam Bing. Through attending Lifestyles Graham’s become an accomplished artist, and has gone on to exhibit in his local shopping centre, the Ku-ring-gai art gallery, in various competitions, and as a supporting artist for other artists’ exhibitions.

He’s loves being creative, and is really excited to be performing at the Sydney Opera House with the Lifestyles theatre group, Performing Hearts Theatre. He also looking forward to selling his products at the Royal Easter Show.

Boccia has been a big passion of Graham’s, he’s been playing since his 30s and he competes every month at Lifestyles St Ives with Flintwood Day Services. He’s very competitive and always wins! His next goal is to become a referee.

Graham is a big believer that people with CP can do anything. He gets his inspiration from his brother, who supports all his achievements, as well as Wendy, his biggest cheerleader.

Keen to find out more about cerebral palsy? Head to the “What is cerebral palsy” web page for more information and to watch the video explainer series.