I have CP and I am loved

Join us as we delve into the little understood world of cerebral palsy (CP) through a series of enlightening videos titled "What is cerebral palsy?" hosted by Georgina Henry and Tash Garrity, passionate researchers and advocates for disability inclusion.

Georgina is on a mission to challenge misconceptions surrounding CP, starting with a myth that hits close to home. Despite common belief, cerebral palsy (CP) is not solely caused by a lack of oxygen at birth. Georgina’s research uncovers the diverse and multifaceted factors contributing to CP, shedding light on the complexities of this condition. Through her insightful analysis, Georgina invites us to broaden our understanding and embrace the diversity of experiences within the CP community.

But Georgina’s dedication to CP research extends beyond busting myths. Her recent paper on out-of-pocket costs for families and individuals living with CP has earned acclaim, showcasing her commitment to improving health outcomes and quality of life. As a valued member of our research team, Georgina’s work embodies our collective mission to drive positive change and support those affected by CP. Georgie commented,

I actually didn’t plan on becoming a researcher at all. Throughout my childhood and teens I met some wonderful people who supported and inspired me.

Like them, I wanted to do something to make a difference. I love my work because I am passionate about improving the quality of life for people living with cerebral palsy, and their families.”

Living with mild dyskinetic CP herself, Georgina offers a unique insight into the daily challenges faced by individuals with CP. Despite navigating fatigue and chronic pain, Georgina remains resilient, leveraging assistive technology and a supportive environment to thrive both personally and professionally.

What motivates Georgina to excel each day as a researcher? It’s a passion for making a difference and creating a more inclusive society where individuals with CP can thrive without limitations. Through her work, Georgina champions kindness, understanding, and empathy, embodying the philosophy that everyone has a story worth listening to. Her vision for the future is one of equality, opportunity, and boundless potential. In Georgina’s words,

“Stigma and lack of understanding about disability can limit a person’s independence and ability to achieve their best. We need to work towards building a more inclusive society to give everyone equal opportunity to contribute, reach their potential, and live a full life.”


Keen to find out more about cerebral palsy? Head to the “What is cerebral palsy” web page for more information and to watch the video explainer series.