Disability support worker Daniel writing on a piece of paper in front of the brand blue background

Daniel – Disability Support warrior with a goal to improve his client’s day

Daniel, the innovative Disability Support Worker, brightening his clients’ day with one tech gadget at a time.

Daniel has always been passionate about helping people, and since joining the CPA community as Disability Support Worker these aspirations have been made a reality. In fact, when asked what his goal is Daniel answered that the question he always poses to clients is: “How can I improve your day”?

What really sets Daniel apart from the rest is his ability to see a problem a client may be facing and solve it, using his ingenious entrepreneurial skills. Just recently, Daniel noticed his client was unable to manually plug his phone into a charger, so he – being the gadget whizz he is – created an adapter that allows the individual to independently drop the mobile into an adaptor unit that then automatically charges the device.

“My most impactful memory from working at CPA was helping a specific client with a need, a problem they faced every day. I worked with them to solve that problem so they could gain their independence, and no longer had to rely on somebody else to do that task for them.”

Daniel’s professional development and training at CPA has allowed him to continuously grow in his role and expand his horizons beyond his wildest desires.

“The training and professional development I’ve received during my time at CPA is great. There’s so much training and help from peers to forward your career and to make you a better worker in the system itself.”

“The work that CPA does is very important because it connects the clients to the community, it allows them to live as independently as possible and fulfil all their wishes.

No two days are the same for Daniel, whether it be reconnecting clients with their community, liaising with therapists or just simply going to the movies. Whatever the client’s goal is Daniel is by their side every step of the way.

“As a support worker, collaboration and communication is very important. I help the client; talking to them and listening, to understand what they need so I can connect them with different services. I work closely with other CPA employees, such as Disability Support Workers, therapists, sports and lifestyle coaches, and house managers, as well the client’s family and friends.”

Everything Daniel touches turns to gold and with the help and mentorship of his team at CPA there’s no looking back. What’s next for Daniel? Perhaps House Manager or using his tech skills to invent something accessible and become the next start up with Remarkable, CPA’s disability tech accelerator.

This is the magic that can happen when…

Great minds think differently.