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Claire’s creativity empowers clients to push beyond expectations 

This is Claire. She works as a physiotherapist at CPA in Canberra, ACT, supporting clients of all ages to ensure they can achieve their goals. She is driven by a desire to push beyond expectations and empower clients to realise their full potential.

“At CPA I get so excited about my work because I feel that we’re really at the forefront of technology and being able to integrate the evidence-based research that we have from the fantastic research team straight into practice is benefitting children and families all over New South Wales.” 

Claire has been working with Arran for years, developing a set of skills and tools to facilitate his independence. They first met at HABIT-ILE, a two-week intensive program where children with cerebral palsy work with therapists to complete everyday tasks, adapting them to their needs. They’ve been working together ever since.  

Whether it’s a strength building session over Telepractice or helping him compete in race running at international competitions, Claire has been there to support Arran every step of the way. She knows that motivation is the key to neuroplasticity, so she gets creative to keep therapy fun for children, while their brains are secretly working hard to rewire.  

“It has been fantastic seeing Arran progress through his goals and achieve his hopes and dreams and I can’t wait to see him work towards being Australia’s first prime minister with cerebral palsy. 

Claire’s work is made possible through the support of the other teams at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Working with staff from a range of disciplines, she tailors programs and services to ensure that her clients are given every opportunity to pursue their aspirations.  

“Collaboration at CPA is really important because we all bring such diversity, strengths and different ideas to help clients achieve their goals.” 

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