13 year old Arran sitting on a walking frame holding a microphone and smiling against a grey background surrounded by small illustrations

13 year old Arran has big plans and a big voice 

Arran is a born to be leader, achieving goals only some dare to imagine

Arran has never let his disability define or restrict him from achieving the impossible. His ambition and drive are inspired greatly by his hero Kurt Fearnley, the three-time Paralympic gold medallist, a role model who has influenced Arran to compete in the 2018 Invictus games which he now considers one of his greatest achievements.  

When asked about why he admired Kurt, Arran responded “Because he’s wheelchair raced a lot and is very strong and advocates for people with disability.” 

Following in Kurt’s footsteps, Arran’s legacy has left an inspiring mark both on and off the track, proving he may be small, but his voice is mighty when advocating for the disability community. So, what’s next? This political trailblazer has his eye’s set on one thing and there’s nothing holding him back from achieving it.  

“I’d like to become a Prime Minister so I can make Australia a more inclusive place for people with disabilities.”  

Arran believes it’s important to look the part when aspiring to lead the country, often wearing a smart suit and tie ready to take on the world one campaign at a time.  

Already a world champion RaceRunner, podcast star, school vice-captain, and disability advocate, Arran continues to work with his Cerebral Palsy Alliance team to build all the skills and strength he’ll need to take on his dream role as Australia’s first disabled Prime Minister.  

With the help of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance dream team, Arran’s sporting and advocacy aspirations are limitless. It all started with sports coach Peter and a running frame, followed by Physiotherapist Claire and a flight of stairs, to now where Arran is learning to walk independently, something he was once told was impossible. Not to mention, training with sights set on the future Paralympics.  

This is the magic that can happen when

Great minds think differently!