Lisa’s story

“I firmly believe you should help others where you can. That’s why I’ve included a gift to Cerebral Palsy Alliance in my Will”
Lisa Smith has supported CPA ever since she spoke to one of our fundraisers. She recalls the young man who knocked on her door:

“He told me about his younger brother who has cerebral palsy. His face lit up when he spoke about the supporters and the difference that it makes to his brother’s life. I was amazed that a teenager was spending his weekend talking to people like me. But he was doing it for his brother, and it was that brotherly bond that hit me.”

Lisa lives with her husband, David, and son, Aaron. She’s a self-confessed animal lover and the family share their house with two dogs, three cats, two rabbits, two guinea pigs, a turtle and a fish.

Like many of the people who have chosen to leave us a gift in their Will, Lisa has no personal connection with cerebral palsy. But her own experiences have given her an understanding of how physical disability can affect an individual and their family:

“Our lives haven’t been easy. But that just strengthens my belief that you have to help others where you can. The more you can support not just the children, but the family, it just makes it better for everyone.”

For Lisa, the decision to include Cerebral Palsy Alliance in her Will felt like a natural extension of her existing support:

“My husband and I had to update our Wills to reflect a change in our family circumstances. I thought it would be a good time to include Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Our son is looked after, so a little going elsewhere won’t affect him.”

If you are considering leaving a gift that can help transform the lives of generations to come, please contact our Fundraising Relationship Manager, Carol O’Carroll on 02 9975 8955 or email