Build structure, routine and engagement at home.

CPA@home allows you to work directly with your CPA team to reimagine your daily routine in a way that works for you right now.

Whether it’s over the phone, email, or online, CPA@home brings CPA expertise into your home, so you can keep working towards your goals through evidence-based programs and resources.

All online service delivery is provided securely through CPA Telepractice and is eligible for NDIS funding.

CPA@home also have access to a broad range of free resources and events like exercise factsheets and weekly challenges, tips and tricks on how to manage therapy at home, and invitations to online events with your trusted CPA experts. Contact us

Take a look at the innovative ways CPA’s incredible staff have been keeping clients engaged, motivated and entertained during COVID-19.

CPA Therapy

Want access to therapy in your living room? Let’s talk.

Just because our sites are closed, doesn’t mean we can’t support your journey to reach your goals. Our expert, multi-discipline therapy team are available to deliver a range of therapy services to you online or over the phone, right now. Contact us.

CPA Health & Wellbeing

Want to stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home?

Our team of ESSA accredited exercise physiologists are ready to deliver a range of online health and wellbeing services to keep you fit and healthy at home. Contact us.

CPA Coaching & Workshops

Want to build skills and keep socially connected?

Increase independence while still living at home? Or work towards employability? CPA’s passionate Life Skills Coaches are well equipped to facilitate online skills development sessions so you can keep on track, even at home. Contact us.

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CPA@home resources

CPA@home is so much more than a way to access CPA Therapy, Health & Wellbeing and Coaching sessions. It’s also a way to stay connected with your therapists and other CPA experts through webinars, downloadable factsheets, informative articles and videos, and healthy tips and tricks.

Telepractice success stories

Marge’s story

Marge is progressing towards her goals with exercise physiology sessions via Telepractice with CPA therapist, Russell.

Ryan’s story

Ryan, his mum and exercise physiologist Natalie share their experiences of transitioning Ryan’s sessions from in-person to Telepractice. Ryan’s motivation for staying fit and achieving his goals is music.

Jett’s story

Jett is a five year old boy who had a brain tumour and has gone on an incredibly brave journey of recovery, thanks to the support of his family and therapists at CPA.

Sienna’s story

Sienna’s mum, Michele and her therapist share how Sienna is going with her occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions now they’ve transitioned to CPA Telepractice.

Laker’s story

Lauren talks about how successful her son, Laker’s therapy sessions are now they’re being delivered via CPA Telepractice.

Get fit and flexible with yoga!

Yoga playlist for adults

Yoga playlist for Challengers

Yoga playlist for Superlearners