Active Adults

A female smiling in an exercise class.

Maintain your strength and fitness with our weekly EP program. Dates and Locations Prairiewood Marconi centreView on Google Maps Runs OnTimeSuitable For Weekly On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 18 years + Canberra centreView on Google Maps Runs OnTimeSuitable For Weekly On Tuesday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm 18 years + Weekly On Friday 2:30 […]

Active Girls Gang

A man and lady smiling in a gym wearing boxing gloves.

Improve your strength and fitness with our all female EP group program. Active Girls Gang is a fun and interactive weekly exercise program delivered by CPA’s ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP). The weekly 60-minute sessions promote healthy development through the use of exercise and physical activity. This program provides opportunities for women to further develop […]

Early Diagnosis Clinic – Cerebral Palsy

baby Jetson sitting smiling to the camera with the green CPA brand behind him.

Getting the right diagnosis early means starting the right support early Early Diagnosis of cerebral palsy A diagnosis of cerebral palsy can now be made for children under 6 months of age. Babies’ brains develop more rapidly in the first 1000 days of their life than at any other time. Getting the right diagnosis early […]

CPA Early Response Therapy Program

A small baby holding an adults finger

Bridging the gap for babies at risk of cerebral palsy CPA fully funded early supports program Babies at risk of cerebral palsy (CP) deserve timely access to the best evidence-based care and support available. Without a confirmed diagnosis, it may take up to 6 months for a baby to get the funding they need to […]

CPA Telepractice

A therapist with clients taking part in a telehealth appointment.

CPA Telepractice gives you the flexibility to access services online, via your desktop computer, laptop, or any other mobile device. CPA delivers Telepractice services by linking clinicians and clients via a web based digital video platform. You can connect for appointments from a range of locations including school, work and home. This means you can […]

Early Childhood Intervention

A mother and a child playing in the lounge room

We support babies and children to build stronger foundations for better learning and development Finding the right therapy at the right time Your child is born with 100 billion neurons in their brain. At CPA, we know how to point them in the right direction. Research shows that getting access to intervention as early as […]

Intensive Therapy Programs

a group of kids in frame runners with some of the Sydney swan players

Why intensive therapy? Based on the principles of neuroplasticity and latest international research our intensive programs enable children to accelerate learning and skill development across a range of life areas. Our intensive group programs include HABIT-ILE, Mighty Kids, Treasure Island CIMT, for pre-school and school aged children who experience challenges with fine and gross motor […]