Refer a client to CPA

Refer a client to CPA

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is an established, holistic, client-centered provider whose expert multidisciplinary teams offer the gold standard in complex support for people living with cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, rare syndromes, global development delay and sudden onset progressive neurological disabilities including Parkinson’s, MS, acquired brain injury and spinal injury.

We can offer a complete end-to-end service across lifestyle supports, therapy, health and wellness that is aligned to ensure each and every client reaches their goals and lives their best life.

This one stop shop concept ensures clients under the NDIS optimise their plan and reduce time and stress of managing and communicating with numerous providers.

Services include:

  • Physical ability – movement and mobility, supporting goals around spasticity management, maintaining/ improving muscular skeletal health, and improving fitness
  • Cognitive ability – including alertness, memory, and attention
  • Emotions – including emotional wellbeing
  • Independence  – including choice, school and work transition, developing relationships and socialising, recreation, travel training, and supported accommodation
  • Communication  – including communication skills using speech and communication aids, improving speech intelligibility, literacy, and comprehension
  • Dysphagia and mealtime management – including promoting safe and enjoyable mealtimes and saliva management
  • Self-care – including activities of daily living such as dressing, food preparation, and personal care.
  • Assistive technology – including mobility, seating, and positioning equipment, switch access, environmental control, and speech generating devices

We know that your patient’s well-being is central to your practice. You will receive regular updates about your patient’s progress.

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