Work-life balance

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We recognise that our employees have busy personal as well as professional lives. To support you in maintaining a good work-life balance, we have a range of leave options available to you.

Annual leave

CPA’s annual leave entitlement for full-time employees is twenty (20) days per annum (pro-rata for part-time employees). Annual leave is accrued on a fortnightly basis. We encourage our employees to take annual leave at regular intervals throughout the year.

Bonus leave day

Eligible CPA employees, not covered by a CPA Enterprise Agreement, are entitled to receive one (1) bonus leave day per annum. Employees covered by a CPA Enterprise Agreement, are entitled to receive up to two (2) paid bonus leave days (previously known as Family Leave days) per annum (conditions apply).

Work-life balance day

We encourage employees to take regular annual leave to support a healthy work-life balance. We reward those employees who, on the day before their work anniversary date, maintain an annual leave balance of no more than 45.6 hours. Eligible fulltime and part-time employees who are not covered by a CPA Enterprise Agreement, work 15.2 hours or more per week and have 12 months continuous service, are eligible for the Work-life balance day.

CPA day

Our CPA Day is an additional public holiday, specified by the organisation that occurs in the period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. This is available to eligible full-time and part-time employees who are normally rostered to work on that day.

Pre-purchased additional leave

At CPA, employees have the option to apply for additional pre-purchased leave through their manager.

Leave without pay

Full-time and part-time employees, who have been employed for at least 6 months, may apply for unpaid leave. At CPA we review each application on a case by case basis.

Allocated days off (ADOs)

Full-time employees covered by CPA’s Allied Health and Related Practitioners Enterprise Agreement are eligible to Allocated Days Off (ADOs) (conditions apply).

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