Vision, mission & values

Vision, mission & values

Our Vision, Mission and Values guide who we are as organisation
For over 75 years, we have been driven by our founders’ vision of a future where nothing is impossible for people with cerebral palsy and similar conditions.

Our Vision

Our hope for the future

A world of opportunity for people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities, and their families.

Our Mission

What we do today

We deliver world-class services, community advocacy and policy influence, training, global research and the advancement of enabling technology.

Our Values

Our values are the bedrock of how we work together and how we interact with the world. We are committed to being:


we are enthusiastic and make things happen together


we are compassionate, inclusive and put people first


we are professional, accountable and do what we say we will do


we think differently and look for ways to make things better


we speak up and stand by what we believe in