Gamers UNITE!

Gamers UNITE!
Posted on Mon 26 Oct 2020

Gamers around Australia and the world are uniting for 'PlayAble' to raise critical funds for people living with disability.

Claymore hails from Alabama, USA but came to Australia seven years ago and now resides in Brisbane. 

She’s been cosplaying since 2017 and began live streaming video games three years ago.  

She has a degree in Psychology, focusing on children with autism and developmental delay.  

Both her nephew and her brother’s best friend live with cerebral palsy.  

What do you love about gaming and cosplay? 

What I love about streaming is the community aspect and the support from friends. It’s a chance for folks to get together and chat about our weeks or our plans for the weekend. We uplift and support each other.

Community has been especially important during COVID. My family are still in the US, so the mental and emotional toll has been very intense. I would struggle not having the friends I have through online streaming. 

I like Cosplay for the problem solving. You looking at an image of a character, and have to figure out how to make it a reality. The biggest thing for me is kids reacting to my costumes and just seeing their eyes light up. 

What inspired you to support Cerebral Palsy Alliance through PlayAble? 

I am passionate about charity and helping others. I’m always looking for charity streams. It’s a no-brainer for me. 

Through PlayAble, I am able to support a cause that means something to me. I wasn’t able to do STEPtember this year, so when this opportunity arose, I jumped at it. 

What’s your message to people who are thinking about donating to CPA? 

It’s so important to help others around you, especially this year. 

2020 has been incredibly difficult for so many people. Even if you’re not in a position to donate at this time, you can help get the word out there. Share and retweet the event. 

It is clichéd, but any little bit helps. 

Join Claymore and her fellow gamers for PlayAble to raise funds for people living with disability! 

You can find Claymore on Twitter at @ClaymoreArmoury

She will be livestreaming on her Twitch channel on: Monday 26th Oct, Wednesday 28th Oct, Thursday 29th Oct, Saturday 31st Oct, Monday 2nd Nov, Wednesday 4th Nov and Thursday 5th Nov.  

To donate directly to PlayAble, click below 

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