Stroke Foundation launches a new paediatric stroke booklet: Our Family’s Stroke Journey

Stroke Foundation launches a new paediatric stroke booklet: Our Family's Stroke Journey
Posted on Wed 2 Sep 2020

Stroke Foundation has launched a new paediatric stroke booklet, Our Family's Stroke Journey. It covers everything parents need to know about life after a child’s stroke.

Our Family’s Stroke Journey was produced in partnership with Little Stroke Warriors, a supportive community for families and survivors of paediatric stroke. Our Family’s Stroke Journey includes family stories and explains commonly used medical words.

Our Family’s Stroke Journey represents a significant step forward in ensuring all Australian parents receive the information and support they need after their child’s stroke. It’s available here

If you would like a printed copy of Our Family’s Stroke Journey, please contact StrokeLine.

You’ll also find a podcast on childhood stroke on our EnableMe website.


Quotes from Our Family’s Stroke Journey

“At the end of the day, your child is going to amaze you. It doesn’t matter what level they’re at, they’re going to amaze you. They’re incredible.”

Kylie Facer, mum to Anika and co-founder of Little Stroke Warriors

“It’s important to look for small gains, rather than focusing on the big picture all the time. It's all the really small achievements along the way that add up. You have to celebrate the small wins in order to enjoy the big ones.”

Dee Banks, mum to Emma and co-founder of Little Stroke Warriors

“Don't be afraid to ask questions and push for what’s best for your child. Don’t settle. Look for what works best for your child and family.”

Tony and Kim Peacock, Georgia’s parent

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