No Distinguishing Features film release – discount offer

No Distinguishing Features film release - discount offer
Posted on Thu 20 Aug 2020

No Distinguishing Features showcases the stories of six people with disabilities from across Australia and New Zealand. Six people who were given a strict roadmap to their life from the moment they were born. Six people who went on to tear those roadmaps to shreds.

From a young Paralympian’s journey to achieve his childhood dream, to a mother fighting for her intellectually disabled son’s right to a fair wage and our very own dare devil adventurer, long-time CPA staff member, Judith Geppert; these people share their lives with honesty, humour and heartbreak.

No Distinguishing Features will launch to Australian audiences via the streaming platform Vimeo On Demand on Friday August 28th.

NDF Productions is offering CPA staff and clients a limited 25% discount. Check out the trailer, find out more at and use the discount code: CPA-NDF-2020 to stream this incredible film. 

Prioritisation of strategies to optimise gym participation for young adults with cerebral palsy: A Delphi study. This research is being conducted by La Trobe University and CP-Achieve and is open to young adults with cerebral palsy aged 16-30, and their parents/caregivers, plus health professionals and gym workers. 

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project which aims to validate a Neurodevelopmental Assessment Scale (NAS) and would like to recruit parents/caregivers of children with a Neurodevelopmental Developmental Disorder (NDD) to assist with the validation.