Mighty Kids Port Macquarie (5-12 years)

Mighty Kids  Port Macquarie (5-12 years)

Thu 1 Jan 1970

Port Macquarie Centre
26/9/22 to 30/9/229am - 3.30pm-none-

Intensive therapy that uses playful and engaging methods that will motivate your child in a fun and social environment

Mighty Kids is a functional, activities-based intensive intervention approach designed specifically for children with disabilities. 

The program provides 1:1 intensive practice with a therapist, who will adapt and change tasks specific to your child, to enable long-lasting individual improvements. This constant variable nature of practice enables your child’s skills to be achieved not only in a therapy setting, but also at home, school, or in the community. 


What's involved?

We work with your child and your family to identify key goals around fine or gross motor skills development. Goals may include:

  • Fine motor skills such as dressing, tying shoelaces, cutting, or drawing
  • Improvement in the speed and legibility of handwriting
  • Stability and balance in sitting, jumping and hopping skills
  • Stability and balance in walking, running or riding a bike
  • Using a knife, fork, or spoon during meals
  • Typing skills and speed of typing


Who is this program for?


  • Aged 5 -12 years
  • Attending mainstream school 
  • Able to follow 2-step instructions at a minimum, attend for 20 mins within a group setting
  • With fine motor or gross motor goals


For more information, visit the Mighty Kids webpage


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This program can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

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