Man with black hair, black trousers and a pink shirt in a wheelchair, smiling, on an orange background, surrounded by illustrations

This is Nic. A charismatic, quick-witted and inspiring young man, who dedicates his time to changing the lives of others.  

Nic’s schedule is not for the faint hearted. You’ll often catch him on stage motivating the masses, or at STEPtember being an ambassador of change, however above all Nic always makes time for his first love, footy.

Nic doesn’t shy away from a challenge, being born fifteen weeks prematurely, with a 5% survival rate to now a 24-year-old motivational speaker who inspires many always follow their dreams. 

When asked what advice would you give to someone living with Cerebral Palsy, Nic responded: 

 “Just don’t let it define you, you’re worth so much more. Take every opportunity with both hands and don’t let it stop you and try achieve your dreams because nothing’s impossible.” 

And taking an opportunity with both hands is exactly what Nic does. Nic’s always been a strong and proud advocate for the disability community and at this year’s Twenty20 fundraiser he was able to receive funding for a new and improved wheelchair, paving the way for his community to follow suit. 

Nic lives and breathes sports, if he’s not seen grinding out some work down at the National Rugby League headquarters, you’ll often see him dressed head to toe in maroon cheering for the Manly Sea Eagles. With the help of Nic’s team, all challenges have been tackled and goals have been kicked. So, what’s next on the horizon for Nic? 

“One of my aspirations would be to eventually work within the Manly Sea Eagles club because I’ve supported them for all my life so that would probably be one of the next goals that I’d be open to kick.” 

Nic’s passion for people has been largely inspired by his community, particularly his therapists Stacey, Rob and Johnny at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. These influences have led him to pursue a lifelong goal – to become a motivational speaker and be a voice for people with a disability.  

 “CPA has helped me a lot with my daily life and throughout the years they’ve helped with my physical needs as well. I feel very proud to be a great mind of CPA, to hopefully give back in the small way that I can and bring more eyes and awareness to cerebral palsy.” 

This is the magic that can happen when

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