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This is Jibby, mum’s little miracle

This is Jibreel or as his family calls him ‘Jibby’. Jibby has been a fighter since the moment he was born, being told he only has moments to live after facing tumultuous life-threatening complications. However, Jibby never gave up hope and continues to defy all odds at the age of two, and with the help of his extraordinary team he’s never looked back.

With the support of CPA’s funding and Early Intervention Therapy, Jibby has been able to reach milestones his family only dreamt of achieving. Nicole, Jibby’s mum, describes the first time seeing Jibby walk as a moment she was told would likely never happen.

“Seeing Jibreel walk for the first time was the greatest milestone. We did not expect to see Jibreel walk so soon. Even without his walking frame he just let go of it and just started walking, I’m still pinching myself.”

Nicole recognises the importance of Early Diagnosis and vital Early Intervention, a service that has provided Jibby and his family with immediate support and guidance to ensure he lives the most fulfilled and independent life.

“The first two years of Early Intervention is very hard but it’s worth it, it’s very important. If we didn’t start then, maybe we would have missed the window for him to be able to walk or to learn or to re-wire his brain.”

Since working with his therapy team especially his physio, Elaine, Jibby’s been unstoppable, first learning to walk, count to ten, and now play the drums, he’s always one step ahead with no sign of slowing down.

“Jibby’s had quite a few special moments. Him taking his first steps was something we didn’t expect too soon if ever for him to walk independently. So that was a really big blessing.” – Elaine, Jibby’s Physiotherapist.

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