a wheelchair user exercising in the gym with the help of a trainer.

Strength training and the effects of brain stimulation in cerebral palsy

Are you 18-35 years old, have spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy and live in/near Melbourne?

Researchers at Victoria University in Melbourne want to learn more about the effects of non-invasive brain stimulation and strength training and would like to invite you to participate in their research.

What are we studying?

  • How the brain is active during a strength-based activity
  • Whether we alter that activity using a single session of safe, painless, non-invasive method of brain stimulation
  • Whether this differs to adults without CP


What do I need to do?

  • Attend Victoria University in Melbourne for a single 2 hr session
  • Complete some strength activities using your arms while we measure activity in your brain
  • Undergo 20mins of safe, painless, non-invasive brain stimulation
  • Repeat the same exercises using your arms


Criteria for eligible participants

Participants should be 18-35 years old with spastic hemiplegic CP and be able to attend sessions at Victoria University in Melbourne.

For more information, please contact:

Jerusha Mather

PhD student, Institute of Health and Sport

Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia)

Mobile: 0450 357 275 / Email: jerusha.mather@live.vu.edu.au

End date for recruitment: 24/07/2024