CPA is pleased to welcome specialist psychology team, Diverse Minds, to our Allambie Heights campus in northern Sydney from 23 July 2019.

CPA had the pleasure of talking to RJ Mitte while he was in Sydney to launch the world premiere of Standing up For Sunny at the Sydney Film Festival.

CPA has collaborated with NCCD to produce a podcast about classroom adjustments for students with cerebral palsy, including discussions with experts, parents and students.

CPA opened a new centre in Wollongong, NSW on 1 May 2019 in response to the increasing demand for disability services in the area.

Grab your friends and family and book tickets to see Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte star in this charming Australian rom-com, Standing up For Sunny, debuting at this year’s Sydney Film Festival, about a young man with cerebral palsy. 

People with disability are being encouraged to have their say on what it’s like living in Australia, as the country prepares for a United Nations review of its performance on disability rights.

The University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies has been awarded an AI for Accessibility grant from Microsoft to support its efforts for people living with epilepsy. 

For the last 3 years at Remarkable we have seen that technology truly can transform the lives of people with disability.

CPA spoke to Libbie Doherty, Acting Head of Children’s Content at the ABC to find out what the ABC’s strategy is for inclusion and representation.