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Harvey’s making amazing progress with his Early Diagnosis team 

This is Harvey. He’s just about the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. After he was born, Harvey spent some time in the NICU and was referred to CPA after his first physio appointment at just three weeks old. His family says that referral was one of the best things that ever happened to them.  

“CPA has supported Harvey and my family in incredible ways. They have been more than just the therapies they provide, they’ve supported us through all parts of this journey, and without them we wouldn’t have the confidence we have to make the decisions we’ve had to make.”  

Harvey was able to access the services at Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Early Diagnosis Clinic in Prairiewood and received his diagnosis at three months old. From there, he and his family got in touch with Physio Airlie, Occupational Therapist Kathryn and Speech Pathologist Joanna to ensure that Harvey had all the services he needs to thrive. His family are already seeing his hard work pay off.  

“A really special moment with Harvey so far has been one time when I was giving him his breakfast. He took it one hand and opened it with the other, twisted the lid, and it was such an emotional moment to see him using all that therapy in such a functional way, opening a yoghurt pouch.”   

Even at such a young age, Harvey’s personality shines bright. One of his mum’s biggest dreams for him when he grows up is to become involved in sport and pursue whatever interests allow him to live a fulfilled life. With his family and team at CPA cheering him on, he’ll be empowered to achieve whatever he puts his mind to. 

This is the magic that can happen when

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