Two wheelchair user smiling to the camera with the text World cerebral palsy day on the left

Global CP community comes together for World CP Day competition

To celebrate World CP Day this year, a global competition, ‘Millions of Reasons’, invited people from around the world to submit ideas for a new product or service to improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy.

More than 300 submissions from 30-plus countries gathered over 23,000 votes, helping our judges shortlist the most impactful ideas.

Last week our global CP community gathered for a virtual event to find out the results of the campaign – and we are thrilled to share that the winner for 2023 is Maria Dalmon with her app ‘Help Connect’. Congratulations Maria!

Maria’s idea is the creation of an app would allow people with speech disabilities to effectively communicate their needs to anyone, easing any concerns about being stranded during an emergency situation.

“I am excited at the thought of Help Connect being developed and giving me and other people with speech difficulties the confidence to go ‘out and about’ knowing help is available at the push of a button”, said Maria.

The judging panel assessed competition ideas for potential impact, reach and marketability, with the main focus on funding an idea that can make the biggest difference for people living with CP and similar disabilities.

Pete Horsley, founder of disability tech accelerator Remarkable and one of the competition judges said, “We felt the winning idea addressed all the criteria and demonstrates real potential to be refined into a universally designed solution that could have massive global impact.

“It was great to see a range of ideas received this year and the efforts some applicants went to in representing their thinking through drawings, sketches and videos!”

Along with netting the prize money of USD$5,000, Maria will work with a team of designers, entrepreneurs, and developers to bring her idea to life through Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s disability tech accelerator, Remarkable.

Sophie Marmont won the People’s Choice Award for her idea ‘Steady me!’, an app for people who lack the motor control to assist in steadying and increasing the overall accessibility of a mobile phone. The app can be used for steadying a phone for texting when voice-to-text is not an option, by making the keyboard or dial pad larger and taking photos.

The judges noticed some common themes emerging this year with many submissions around the world highlighting a need to address the gaps in communication technology and basic, affordable low-tech solutions to enhance daily independence.

“This inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing at Remarkable to accelerate more disability innovation to market, ensuring that in time more solutions reach all corners of the planet,” said Pete.

Remarkable is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology and innovation to shape a world of equal opportunity, access, and possibility for people with a disability.

As an organisation, and staunch advocates for people living with CP and similar disabilities, we are so proud of this community. Let’s continue to work together to create a world that provides equal opportunities and possibilities for everyone.