Madison Paton, white lady with silver long hair and a pink top speaks into a mic

Dr Madison Paton talks about CPA’s inaugural event ‘The Retreat’ on Sky News 

Award winning senior researcher, Dr Paton, explained to viewers how the newly launched Melbourne event raises money to help the world’s best cerebral palsy experts to find ways to prevent and treat cerebral palsy, a condition affecting more than 17 million people worldwide. 

The inaugural event, The Retreat 2023, raised an astonishing $1M – an invaluable contribution to our dedicated Victorian Research team. 

Dr Paton, a STEM cell research specialist, works to fast-track clinical trials of stem cell treatments to ensure they are a safe and effective treatment. She works closely with parents and families of children with cerebral palsy to ensure her and her teams’ research is meaningful and impactful for the CP community. 

Since being established, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute has committed more than $67 million in funding towards hundreds of ground-breaking cerebral palsy research projects through the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation. Today, we are the world’s largest private funder of cerebral palsy research. 

Well done and thank you Madison for flying the CPA flag on Sky News Australia!