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CPA Research Foundation grant round opens for 2023

Cerebral Palsy Alliance, the global centre of expertise for cerebral palsy, is pleased to announce the 2023 round of Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation grants are now available to support researchers from around the world.

CPA Research Foundation grants are the single largest source of funding for cerebral palsy research globally. Since being launched in 2006, CPA has invested more than $67 million in 714 research projects across 43 countries.

The 2023 round of grants has been designed to foster innovation and support the emergence of the next generation of cerebral palsy experts.

The 2023 round will offer two types of grants:

  • PhD grants Available for PhD research students who are committed to accelerating progress in the field of cerebral palsy research​. PhD grants can be requested for a maximum of three years, with funds not exceeding AU$35,000 per annum. Find out more
  • Emerging Researcher grant: Available to support emerging researchers who are seeking to establish careers in cerebral palsy research. Emerging researcher grants can fund research for up to two years, up to AU$100,000. Find out more

Importantly, the CPA Research Foundation grants program is committed to working collaboratively with people with CP, families and advocates to ensure the grants program delivers real impact for the CP community.

All funded projects must include a consumer representative with lived experience of disability, and the grants prioritise support for projects conducting research into five areas identified by people with CP and their families – causation, prevention, treatment, cures and advocacy.

“CPA Research Foundation grants play an incredibly important role in fostering innovation in the field of cerebral palsy research, particularly in supporting emerging researchers. We are also incredibly proud of our track record of involving people with lived experience of CP and their families in research through our grants,” said Professor Nadia Badawi, CP Alliance Chair of Cerebral Palsy Research, The University of Sydney.

“In recent years, we have supported new research into stem cell treatments, the genome’s connection to CP, reducing the incidence of CP in Indigenous communities, accelerating the implementation of new discoveries into therapy, and much more. We’re proud to fund the CPA Research Foundation grants and support this vital work,” said Rob White, CEO of Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

More than 350 researchers from 154 academic institutions have received support through the grants program. In recent years, CPA has placed an emphasis on supporting projects in lower- and middle-income countries (LMIC), with $3.7m in funding going to research in 28 LMIC nations.

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