eight CP Active disability advocates

Check out the highlights from our CPActive Youth Town Hall with Dylan Alcott

On Tuesday 21 June 2022, CPActive brought together a group of fantastic young disability advocates to discuss their personal experiences in transitioning from school into adult life with none other than Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott!

Elly Desmarchelier hosted the event alongside Alcott, her good friend and special guest, who shared his passion for ensuring young people with disability are afforded all the opportunities in areas like sport, education, and employment.

Our panel of CPActivists included Marusha Pride, Sophie Geeves and Daniel Clarke, along with Natasha Garrity from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute.

CPActive is a new community of disability advocates and activists passionate about empowering people living with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities. We’re just getting started – click here to stay informed about upcoming events and campaigns!

The young activists spoke about their shared passions and lived experiences of social inclusion at school, how they have had to fight for their rights and the power of networking to get into the workforce.

You can also watch a video from another CPActivist, Meret Hassanen, who talks about how she was able to network her way into working in film and TV production, HERE.

Young people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities often find themselves fighting against broken systems. But a new movement of disability activists are gearing up to change this want to find out more? Head here for more information!