Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Allambie Heights hosts the 2024 Neonatal Cell Therapies Symposium

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) in partnership with Monash University hosted the 2024 Neonatal Cell Therapies Symposium, held at Allambie Heights, CPA’s head office in Sydney on 24-25 June 2024.

The highly anticipated event, hosted by Dr. Madison Paton (CPA Research Institute) and A/Prof Atul Malhotra (Monash University) along with their organising committee, invited researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders to engage in a comprehensive exploration of neonatal cell therapy advancements. 

The symposium spanned topics across cell therapies such as mesenchymal stromal cells, neural stem cells, and umbilical cord blood. It also highlighted novel therapeutics, community perspectives, regulatory considerations, and commercial partnerships, alongside exciting and engaging panel discussions. 

“We were thrilled to host this symposium that provided a platform for leading experts as well as up-and-comers to share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative therapies that have the potential to transform neonatal care,” said Madison Paton, CPA Senior Research Fellow and symposium organiser. 

“We achieved our goal – to cultivate discussions and knowledge sharing to support the advancement of novel treatments for babies at risk of cerebral palsy, ultimately improving outcomes for those who start their lives in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU),” Madison added. 

The symposium was attended by international invited speakers including Professor Benders from the Netherlands and A/Professor Sato from Japan. Attendees gained invaluable insights from global leaders, participated in dynamic panel discussions, and explored the latest research through presentations and abstracts. 

The 2024 Neonatal Cell Therapies Symposium proved to be an informative event, highlighting the critical role of research and translation of cell therapies for neonatal medicine. It was an inspiring gathering of professionals dedicated to advancing neonatal care.

The event was brought to you by Monash University and CPA, with kind support from our sponsors Medtronic and Cell Care. Co-Chairs: A/Prof Atul Malhotra and Dr. Madison Paton. Scientific Organising Committee: Dr. Courtney McDonald, Dr. Julie Wixey, and Dr. Adam Edwards. Support provided by: Maddison Gardoni, Margaret Maclennen, and Remy Blatch-Williams.