The St Ives Vibes members

Book the St Ives Vibes for your next event!

The St Ives Vibez is a music program organised, run and lead by the participants in the St Ives Lifestyles program.

Looking to bring the Vibez to your next event? Currently 8 of our incredible musicians are available to perform live, whether you pick the songs or ask us to  jam out to some of our favourites!

With modified music instruments tailored to each musician, to suit their ability and promote independence in their exploration of music, the performers have a vibrant love and passion for music that they want to share with YOU!

They have performed live twice so far to their community through busking and received wonderful feedback. You will not be disappointed from the energy and joy these musicians have when performing.

They are available for opening nights, discos, birthdays, special short events and are supported to facilitate these gigs with their support workers.

To book the St Ives Vibes, please email Samantha Bing  HERE.