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For young people aged 13-30, our integrated framework of programs is designed to empower people with a disability, to give them the skills they need to soar – whatever they choose as their next adventure.

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CPA Youth expertise

Our tailored programs empower people with the skills to soar!

CPA’s accredited professionals have expertise across individual coaching and group experiences, everyday living, supported employment, health and wellbeing, therapy, and short term and supported accommodation.

Through these specialists, we enable young people to develop their individual pathways through high school, and we support their transition into their best adult life possible and achieve their desired outcomes:

  • Building social and practical skills for independent living
  • Communicating and getting along with others
  • Making decisions and solving problems
  • Managing time and planning activities
  • Navigating the world around them
Lewis is a lot more independent now and he really wants to do things for himself. He enjoyed the friendships he made and the chance to just do things like a regular 18-year-old would.
Dan, Father of CPA Client

Discover our Youth Services

Youth Coaching

CPA provides individual life skills coaching, mentoring and development for young people with a disability to build skills and independence to live the best life possible.

The value a personal youth coach and mentor provides can be priceless to a young person thinking about their future.

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Youth Labs

Youth Labs are weekly group-based project learning opportunities for young people who are looking to develop life skills and confidence.

We offer a unique timetable of activities and provide the flexibility to join as many or as few Labs that suit the individual. CPA Youth Labs will always support young people working on their goals at their own pace.

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CPA Masterclass is an exciting new group program that offers young people 1:1 youth coaching that’s proven to enable greater and more meaningful participation in the community and the workforce. And in a way that’s tailored to each individual.

Masterclass is a community-based program that runs from 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday.

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PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) is a social skills program for motivated teenagers and young adults who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends, and develop positive relationships.

This internationally recognised program was developed at University of California (UCLA) by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, PEERS Clinic Founding Director. CPA youth coaches have been trained and accredited to deliver this program.

During each weekly group session, individuals are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practise these skills during socialisation activities. Additionally, a chosen caregiver is trained as their social coach to support continued practice of their new skills at home.

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Camps and Getaways

Youth camps and getaways are a great way for individuals to supercharge their journey to independence.

Our camps and getaways aim to provide young people with a disability the opportunity to experience the reality of living independently from their families.

Teens and young adults who attend these programs come away with new skills, new friends, a great mindset and a lifetime of memories.

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Calling all participants in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme and workers in the Workers Care Program aged 18–35 years who are living with traumatic brain injury (TBI):

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