Regional Careers

in Allied Health
Make a huge impact on people's lives through living and working regionally.
Supported financially and through a professional development program, embark on a journey that not only enriches the lives of individuals living with disabilities but also prioritises your professional growth and development.
Welcome to a career where purpose meets passion.

Working regionally

An adventure where you can grow and help others

We believe in crafting careers that are both purposeful and personally fulfilling.

By joining our regional Dubbo, Orange, Nowra, Port Macquarie or Alstonville teams you will become part of an alliance and gain:

  • A personalised learning journey: Access a personalised learning journey and professional development support valued at $20,000 in your first year and $10,000 annually thereafter through our CPA Training Alliance. 
  • Ongoing clinical supervision: Benefit from continuous guidance from our dedicated team of Clinical Educators and a vast network of over 160 therapists.
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration: Thrive in a dynamic environment working within a multidisciplinary team. 
  • Diverse career pathways: Explore multiple career pathways, including opportunities within our Research Institute, Clinical Governance or Leadership teams.

We are now hiring!

  • Speech pathologists (junior and senior)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Exercise physiologists

Join Our Regional Therapy Teams

Discover the beauty of regional careers

Become part of our regional therapy teams and experience: 

  • Flexibility: Enjoy flexible working options tailored to your needs. 
  • Rural generalist pathways: Explore opportunities for rural generalist pathways through James Cook University. 
  • Relocation allowance: Receive a $5000 relocation allowance when relocating to one of our regional centres (Dubbo, Orange, Nowra, Port Macquarie or Alstonville)
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with a network of over 160 therapists and engage with teams at other CPA locations. 

Senior clinician roles

Leadership and excellence

For seasoned clinicians, CPA offers: 

  • Career progression: Unlock opportunities for career progression within a world-class organisation. 
  • Clinical supervision: Receive ongoing clinical supervision from our experienced team. 
  • Specialisations: Choose from various specialisations such as management, research, innovation, and rural generalist pathways. 

Early career opportunities

Your journey begins here

As an early-career professional at CPA, you’re not just starting a job; you’re embarking on a transformative journey. Expect:

  • Access to experienced clinicians: Be part of a network of highly experienced clinicians who will guide and support your growth. 
  • Personalised learning: Enjoy a personalised learning journey worth up to $20,000 in your first year. 
  • Exposure to specialisations: Engage with various specialisations, from research and early diagnosis to innovation and rural generalist pathways. 

Lifestyle and Benefits

Experience the joys of regional living

Joining our regional teams comes with numerous perks: 

  • Sense of adventure: Immerse yourself in a close-knit community and experience the unique lifestyle of regional areas.
  • Fast-track your career: Accelerate your career growth with diverse experiences and responsibilities. 
  • Support and supervision: Benefit from personalized supervision structures and ongoing support from experienced therapists.  

Relocation support

We're with you every step of the way

Relocating can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered: 

  • Accommodation support: Work with us to find comfortable and suitable accommodation. 
  • Financial assistance: Receive financial support.
  • Community integration: Our regional teams will guide you through the town and help you settle into your new environment. 

Meet Lucy Packer

Get inspired by stories like Lucy Packer, a speech pathologist in our Dubbo team.

Listen to the experiences of new graduates thriving in rural NSW.

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Who are we?

Cerebral Palsy Alliance - where every role matters

We are the largest community-based disability service organisation, supporting thousands of individuals through a network of metropolitan and regional hubs. 

  • Diverse services: Our range of services includes assessment, therapy, early intervention, and more, delivered wherever needed. 
  • Impactful careers: Everything we do is designed to support independence, achieve goals, and lead fulfilling lives. 

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