Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

CPA Chief Executive officer Rob White

Rob White

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for the overall management and operation of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
CPA Chief Operating Officer Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organisation including the delivery of all Client Services and the various Corporate Services that support them.
CPA Chief Financial Officer Ishbel Sterrick

Ishbel Sterrick

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for financial and management accounting and compliance, budgeting, reporting and analysis, pay and benefits, procurement and vehicle fleet management.
CPA Strategy, People and Performance General Manager Elise Taylor

Elise Taylor

General Manager - Strategy, People & Performance

Responsible for strategic planning and performance, HR and employee relations, talent and organisational development, workplace health and safety, policy, quality and safeguarding, risk and assurance, external training business and project and change management.
CPA Marketing and Communications General Manager Dyranda Hortle

Dyranda Hortle

General Manager - Marketing & Communications

Responsible for brand marketing, product development, client and employee communications, client engagement and retention and loyalty.
CPA General Manager Fundraising Lucy Jacka

Lucy Jacka

General Manager - Fundraising

Responsible for fundraising – individual giving and relationship fundraising.
CPA Influence and Social Impact general Manager Bronya Metherall

Bronya Metherall

General Manager - Influence & Social Impact

Responsible for helping to affect social and economic change towards inclusion through advocacy, government relations, policy reform, innovation, and capacity-building.
CPA Therapy Services General Manager Jo Ford

Jo Ford

General Manager - Therapy Services

Responsible for operations and governance of services delivered by therapy, health and well-being and equipment services teams at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
CPA General Counsel and Company Secretary Emma Rudd

Emma Rudd

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Responsible for corporate governance, legal and regulatory compliance.
CPA Chief Information Officer Grey Carroll

Greg Carroll

Chief Information Officer

Responsible for all aspects of technology within the organisation.