Two doctors standing side by side wearing scrubs

What if scrubs could talk?

Many Australians cannot speak or speak well enough to be understood. This is particularly concerning in health settings. The Board of ISAAC Australia* has teamed up with health researchers from the University of Adelaide, UniSA and Flinders University in a study to see if health worker scrubs printed with communication symbols might improve communication between patients with disabilities and health workers.

Who can participate? We are looking for participants who have cerebral palsy and are 18 years and older.

What’s involved? We are seeking people with communication disability and their family/close supports and health professionals and AAC experts to answer this short SURVEY.

To participate please click here

The survey has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Flinders University. Project ID: 6518

Recruitment end date: 12th May 2024

Contact: Dr B-J Dee-Price – email or phone 0434192392