Cathy Morgan and Sarah McIntyre smiling to camera.

Two Cerebral Palsy Alliance researchers awarded for their academic prowess

We are thrilled to announce the recent academic promotions of two exceptional researchers at Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) Research Institute.

Cathy Morgan has been awarded the title of Adjunct Associate Professor, and Sarah McIntyre has been awarded the title of Adjunct Professor. These recognitions illustrate their dedication, expertise, and significant contributions to the field of cerebral palsy research. 

Cathy Morgan has been a vital part of CPA for more than 20 years, driving forward critical research initiatives in Early Detection and Early Intervention (EDEI). Her work in this field has led to the implementation of more accurate tools in early diagnosis and evidence based early intervention strategies. Her work has transcended the research arena and is being applied in clinical settings both within Australia, and internationally. Her work on early detection of CP has led to earlier detection of CP in children as early as 3 months old. Early detection of CP enables timely referral for early intervention. Research shows that early intervention improves the functional outcomes for children with CP and provides essential support for families. Together, Cathy’s work has been informing clinical practice, crucial for improving long-term outcomes for children with cerebral palsy. 

One of Cathy’s flagship roles is as a champion for the implementation of General Movements Assessment in all NICU’s across Australia. She led the establishment of the first Australian early diagnosis clinic. There are now three diagnostic clinics, all of which are run by CPA, diagnosing/caring for approximately 500 infants in the past five years.   Cathy also leads a large early intervention Randomised Controlled Trial in infants with CP and is conducting an international longitudinal study of 1000 infants with CP.  

“I’m pleased to be recognised for my contribution to the momentum in this field of early diagnosis and intervention. I am also grateful to the wonderful team of clinicians and researchers I get to work alongside everyday who are committed to contributing to this work for people affected by cerebral palsy,” said Cathy. 

Sarah McIntyre, now an Adjunct Professor, has made remarkable contributions to cerebral palsy research, advancing our understanding of the many different causal pathways to CP and measuring the changes in rates of CP through the CP Registers. She is the current co-President of the Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine, an association of 400+ therapists, researchers and all who have an interest in CP and other childhood onset disability. Sarah is the co-founder the NSW/ACT CP Register and current Chair of the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register, which organises, collates and disseminates reports on CP prevalence and trends and provides valuable data for elucidating the causal pathways of CP. She also instigated CP Quest: Community and Researchers together. which now has over 140 people with lived experience, who are keen to Be involved in research as research partners. 

Sarah’s groundbreaking studies, innovative approaches and award-winning research has been recognised nationally and internationally positioning her as a leading expert in her field.  

“It is a real honour to be recognised by the University of Sydney with this title. Research is a massive team effort and I have had the privilege of working with wonderful families, clinicians and researchers across the world for twenty years and have seen our understanding of CP grow exponentially in this time. It’s exciting times.” said Sarah.  

These promotions are significant milestones, highlighting Cathy and Sarah’s status as leading experts in their respective fields. Their work has had a profound impact on advancing cerebral palsy research and improving the lives of those living with CP.  

We are incredibly proud of Cathy and Sarah and all they have accomplished. Please join us in congratulating Associate Professor Cathy Morgan and Professor Sarah McIntyre on their well-deserved achievements. Their passion and dedication to supporting research in CP continue to inspire us all, and we look forward to seeing the continued positive impact of their work within CPA and the broader medical research community.