CPA stands for…

CPA has been supporting kids and adults with cerebral palsy for over 70 years, and that’s not changing. But what you might not know is that this unrivalled history has given us extraordinary insight into other conditions.

Today, about 60% of our clients come to us for support for things other than cerebral palsy.

Find out how we’re helping clients who are living with asperger’s, MS, stroke, autism, Rett syndrome and other complex neurological conditions.

Meet Ben

Ben came to CPA when he was diagnosed as a baby. We’ve continued to support him to explore opportunities, achieve goals and live his best life.

Meet Ronan

Our intensive programs HABIT-ILE and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy have helped Ronan develop new skills after stroke. Read more…

Meet Josie

Josie Suta was diagnosed with Rett syndrome in the UK at just 20 months before her family relocated to Australia in 2016. Read more…

Meet Nicole

CPA has been providing services for Nicole since her diagnosis of cerebral palsy. We’re now supporting her towards adulthood and independence.

Meet Mustafa

Mustafa dreams of being a TV presenter. So therapy to improve his speaking and reading will help Mustafa achieve his goal. Read more…

Meet Kerrie

Kerrie lives with MS and is supported by CPA to live her best possible life, through expertise in exercise physiology and therapy. Read more…

Meet Rex

Rex lives with mitochondrial disease. Early intervention therapy with CPA has really made a difference, helping Rex to live his best possible life.

Meet Ruby

Ruby was diagnosed with autism. She is supported by CPA’s expert therapy and social skills programs, as she transitions into adulthood and independence.