Tara’s story

Why disability?

I’ve always been passionate about disability. My experience as a volunteer and casual in the area made it a good match.

How would you describe your experience as a student on placement?

My colleagues made me feel welcome from the start. The placement with Cerebral Palsy Alliance was an incredible learning experience, I felt both challenged and supported. I enjoyed working with a diverse group of clients alongside a professional multi-disciplinary team – who were always happy to answer my hundreds of questions!

What made you decide to join the CPA after graduating?

I’d just finished my Speech Pathology degree when CPA contacted me about an opportunity with them. It was perfect timing. Knowing the organisation and the work involved meant it was an easy decision. I was also interested in the training available.

What do you enjoy about working for CPA?

I really like the organisation’s vision and their commitment to research. I’m proud of the work we do here. When a client achieves a goal I get really excited knowing I’ve been part of making a difference in their life.

Any plans for the future?

At the moment, I’m keen to learn as much as I can. Each day I’m extending my skills and gaining more confidence. I’m also interested in opportunities that will enable me to develop my leadership skills – perhaps by supporting other students during their placement or by getting involved in new projects.

Interested in a student placement with Cerebral Palsy Alliance?