Meet some of our great minds

Meet Paige, the fresh new face at Port Macquarie. Paige is thrilled to be part of the CPA team as a physiotherapist and can't wait to meet new clients and make a difference to their lives. 

This is Maisa. She finds inspiration in creating possibilities for people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities through funding accessible technology, better treatments and global research. 

Zell is a lifelong CPA client, and an icon at that. He’s known around town as the finance guru by day and footy fanatic by night. 

This is Lauren. She found her passion working as an Exercise Physiologist, empowering her clients to achieve their goals. Whatever the milestone, however seemingly big or small, Lauren is there to support her clients at every stage. 

This is Grace. She is an Assistant House Manager who started her journey with Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) three years ago as a Disability Support Worker (DSW). Since then, Grace has helped create a positive impact in her clients’ lives, while aiming high to progress in her career. 

This is Madison. She is making waves as an expert in stem cell research, working alongside the team at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Madison views research as a way to serve our community and works tirelessly to find safe, evidence-based and effective therapies to improve the lives of people living with cerebral palsy. 

Pauline is a Speech Pathologist, known for her ability to think differently when it comes to helping her clients achieve their communication goals. 

Daniel, the innovative Disability Support Worker, brightening his clients’ day with one tech gadget at a time. Daniel has always been passionate about helping people, and since joining the CPA community as Disability Support Worker these aspirations have been made a reality.

A trio of milestone academic papers authored by Cerebral Palsy Alliance researchers have been selected to feature in the annual highlights of a global medical journal.