Why CPA?

Why CPA?

Our Mission – and how we achieve it

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is committed to providing world-class services, community advocacy and policy influence, training, global research and the advancement of enabling technology for people with cerebral palsy, and their families. As an organisation we embed our values of being Passionate, Respectful, Ethical, Curious and Courageous, into our practices every day. We are here to make a difference in people’s lives, and support them in connecting and engaging with their communities.

How we work with you to achieve your goals

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is committed to working as a team to provide you with the best supports and services to achieve your goals.

Cerebral palsy and other neurological and physical conditions affect people in different ways. We work with our clients to formulate individual plans to help them achieve their everyday goals and future aspirations.

There are a wide range of people in our organisation who can provide expert and professional support for you and/or your family members no matter what stage you are at in life. These experts include:

  • speech pathologists
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • and social workers.

Together these health professionals work in teams to ensure you receive all the services you need. This co-ordinated approach means that you receive the maximum benefits of therapy.

Negotiating your way through a range of services can be exhausting and overwhelming. At Cerebral Palsy Alliance our team approach helps make this easier on clients and families.

A person centered approach

Every person with a disability is the expert on their own life. So at CPA we aim to guide and support – not to direct. Collaboration and partnerships with our clients are key.

We focus on what a person wants to achieve and support people to develop strategies to realise positive change, now and in the future. This approach begins from a person’s first connection with Cerebral Palsy Alliance and continues throughout their partnership with us.

Working closely with you, we devise individual plans based on your immediate needs and long-term goals. Our professional staff has all the latest research and clinical experience at hand to recommend individually tailored programs that support you to live your life your way.

We know that every new stage in your life also brings change and requires different services. We are flexible to ensure we meet these evolving needs from the earliest days of diagnosis through to your adult years and beyond.

A family centered understanding

Cerebral Palsy Alliance recognises that each family is unique and that family is the constant in a child’s life. We therefore work very closely with families as they are the experts on their own child’s needs and abilities.

We also understand disability doesn’t just affect one person. Parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are all impacted by a diagnosis. CPA works to support the whole family as each individual learns to live with the challenges of managing a disability within their family unit.

Our Values

Our values are the bedrock of how we work together and how we interact with the world. We are committed to being:

  • Passionate – we are enthusiastic and make things happen together
  • Respectful – we are compassionate, inclusive and put people first
  • Ethical – we are professional, accountable and do what we say we will do
  • Curious – we think differently and look for ways to make things better
  • Courageous – we speak up and stand by what we believe in


Strategic Plan 2025

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we’re always looking to the future.

You can download a copy of our Strategic Plan here.