School Leaver Employment Supports – Services

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), is designed to support young people in their final year of school and those that have left school, to make a successful transition from school to employment.


CPA’s SLES offering includes a wide choice of options to help young people with disabilities prepare their own unique pathway to employment. Our SLES employment supports includes skills development in areas such as time management, travelling, money handling, and taking instructions and understanding expectations. We can also assist you with finding work experience.

Complementary CPA services to name just a few, include Community Access Services to try new experiences with a small group; Life Skills Coaching – to help map out a future path; and UCLA PEERS® – a social skills program teaching, amongst other skills, how to make and keep friends and how to develop relationships.

CPA's SLES delivers vocational skills development and contributes to young people achieving their desired employment outcome. Visit CPA's School Leaver Employment Supports for further detailed information.

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Explore your post school options with CPA. For more information, please call 1300 888 378 or email us and mention ‘CPA SLES’.

Enjoy a day or more each week with friends at one of our Community Access Centres, or try a new experiences with a small group or one-to-one support.

Do you have a road map for your future? Our life skills coaches will support you to identify your needs, set goals and plan the way ahead.

At CPA, we’re all about creating an inclusive and caring community, for an environment where young people will always feel a sense of belonging.

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